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"I've been using Clip&Copy since the product was launched. It was simple to sign up and easy to modify my profile. Best of all, I like receiving the daily abstracts on topics that are important to me vs. scanning the headlines in multiple sources. Thanks for introducing a great tool."
                                                   —Dave Parker, CEO, 9Spaces, Inc.

"Clip&Copy saves me time doing research, which is time I can devote to running our nonprofit organization. I maintain a blog about issues affecting the California environment, and Clip&Copy enables me to quickly find and post relevant articles and stories. The service is very cost-effective. I especially like having the ability to customize my results and that Clip&Copy does the research for me, giving me stories tailored to my needs."
                                                   —Chris McCormick, Founder, Califauna

"Clip&Copy provides me with key updates to topics of interest, covering a broad range of content and publications. We decided to use Clip&Copy because of its compatible technology that provides content precisely how we need it. Getting started was easy. Clip&Copy enables me to quickly manage the information I want, and is a great tool for research and news information."
                                                   —Bart Barden, CEO, Redzone Digital

"Clip&Copy is ideal for executives who wish to keep up with articles on their company or in a narrow business sector. You might learn something through Clip&Copy's summaries that would take you weeks to discover by word of mouth, if you ever did."
                                                   —Brian Livingston, Editor, WindowsSecrets.com

"Clip&Copy is a great way to track developments in areas of interest. The format of the e-mail alerts and articles is great. The information was highly relevant and useful. Great work!"
                                                   —Terry Roberts, CEO, AuthorsAnswer.com

"This is a cool service. I like it because it saves me time, and I can read up on what I am interested in. I have them e-mail anything that is health related."
                                                   —Monica Gerberding, CFO, Strategic Mortgage Group