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  Features and Benefits
Clip&Copy® is a specialized clipping service, focused on providing access to online articles with immediate reprint and reuse rights as approved by the content source. We cover a targeted set of news and information websites, primarily business-to-business publications. We provide the added advantage of reuse rights, which other clipping and news alert services do not offer.

Clip&Copy provides subscribers with customized email alerts containing article abstracts and links to full-text articles from a wide variety of industry-leading online publications and news organizations—most with instantly accessible rights to make copies, distribute to clients and colleagues and use for website postings.

We're different from other news monitoring and clipping services. Clip&Copy offers a number of features and benefits that make it an important and useful tool for any professional who uses and distributes online news.

Most articles and stories that Clip&Copy sends come with the legal right to make copies of full-text articles, post them on a website, redistribute the articles and save the full-text articles to a personal reading room. Obtaining reprints and permissions is instant. While additional publisher fees may apply, many provide this content free of charge.
Extensive coverage within business-to-business trade journals and publications, with a depth of focused content not available through most media monitoring and clipping services.
Fresh content for your company's website or blog. Clip&Copy is the only service that allows subscribers to get an HTML or RSS feed of their topics, for publishing directly to their website or intranet.
Clip&Copy is the only service that is integrated with the iCopyright content licensing system, the leading system for copyright clearance on the Internet.

Point-of-Service ComparisonClip&CopyMedia Monitoring ServicesSearch Engine Alerts
Rights to forward articles to friends and co-workersYesNoNo
Rights to make copies for commercial use*YesNoNo
Custom reprint ordering* YesNoNo
Rights to publish to a public website or intranetYesNoNo
Provides full-text articles, not just abstractsYesYesNo
Finds historical articles as well as current articlesYesNoNo
Ability to set date range of articles first published YesNoNo
Permanent links to full-text stories, even if they’ve been movedYesNoNo
Publisher-endorsed for instant access to reuse rightsYesNoNo
Primarily focused on business-to-business news and information websites YesNoNo
Finds and delivers news stories, even before they’re indexed by search engines YesNoNo
Provides a personal “reading room” for saving full-text stories for later review and use YesSomeNo
Low monthly priceYes: free, up to $9.95 per monthNo: hundreds to thousands of $ per monthYes: free

* additional fees may apply