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  How Clip&Copy Works
Clip&Copy® is the clipping service for professionals who share news.

Clip&Copy provides subscribers with customized email alerts containing article abstracts and links to full-text articles from a wide variety of industry-leading online publications and news organizations—most with instantly accessible rights to make copies, distribute to clients and colleagues and use for website postings.

You can subscribe to Clip&Copy for free. Really! We offer three levels of subscription: Basic (always free), Standard for $5.95/month and Premium for $9.95/month. Learn more about the benefits of each subscription level.

Why it’s important to have the “right” rights. Although it is common practice for business professionals to save, forward and reference articles they find online, it’s often done without copyright permissions. Many companies don’t know the significant risks they face when employees distribute unauthorized content. The resulting fines can be surprisingly harsh—up to $150,000 per copyright infringement. In August 2007, a well-respected national company paid a settlement of $300,000 to address copyright infringement for its in-house distribution of articles. Clip&Copy can help your company proactively prevent copyright infringement.

Who uses Clip&Copy? Public relations, investor relations, marketing and business development professionals find our service to be especially useful. It’s important to note that we are not a replacement for comprehensive media monitoring or news alerts services—we are a complementary tool. Our focus is to provide clips that have immediately accessible copyright clearance.

What publications are tracked by Clip&Copy? Hundreds of news organizations and publications make their online news coverage and articles available via Clip&Copy. These important content providers trust Clip&Copy to provide convenient access to copyright-cleared news and articles.

Hundreds of Trade Publications That Cover:Newspapers
Such As:
TechnologyWashington Times
ConstructionInvestors Business Daily
EntertainmentToronto Star
Health and Medical The Globe and Mail
RetailAnd many more
Emergency Services 
Food and Agriculture 
And many more 

We're always expanding Additional newspapers and trade magazines are being added every week. If your favorite publication is not currently available with Clip&Copy, we gladly take requests for new publications.

What sets Clip&Copy apart from other clipping services? Most online clipping services “scrape” news websites and redistribute articles without permission from the content owners, often in violation of copyright laws. Most articles presented by Clip&Copy contain instantly accessible rights to make copies, distribute and use for website posting. Clip&Copy licensing is powered by iCopyright (the leading system for copyright clearance on the Internet) and is fully endorsed by the publishers of the content.