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The clipping service for professionals who share news.

Clip&Copy® is a great source of online news and articles to share with your clients, employees, partners and colleagues.

We’re different.
Clip&Copy is a specialized online news alert and press clipping service. We cover a targeted set of news websites, primarily business-to-business publications. Clip&Copy provides a unique advantage: most news clips and articles we forward to you are ready with instant reuse rights. ejercicios para los senos caidos Our service is 100% endorsed by participating publishers and news organizations.
We’re free. Really!
We provide a robust Free Basic service that we encourage you to use. You can also expand to our $5.95 and $9.95 monthly service options.
We’re good for your business.
Simply put, using Clip&Copy ensures that you aren't infringing on copyrights. Most articles presented via the Clip&Copy service contain instantly accessible rights to make copies, distribute and use for website postings. Other clipping and news alert services do not offer copyright-compliant usage rights.